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Nordic Open Source newsletter on digital innovation, no 8, 2022

Recycling giant gets new integration platform, data driven guide, GDPR secure digital communication

Following the success earlier this year we are now inviting you to the second seminar with GDPR focus, this time we are looking closer into the security aspect of it all. The event will be held in Norwegian but applies to challenges anywhere. You can participate on site or virtually, read more and register: Security and data privacy, what does GDPR say? 

If the event does not interest you maybe we can tempt you with below resources: 

Redpill-icon-training-RED smallIdentity and access management (CIAM)
How to build a customer focused digital identity server
The path to productivity and fast innovation in digital business


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Recycling giant Remondis with new integration platform  

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Based on specific requirements in terms of scalability, flexibility and openness, Remondis got an integration platform built on different cloud-based services, and an open source-based engine for API and integration.

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How to become data driven - a guide

A brand new model that can guide you through the process of becoming data-driven and provide valuable advice for your organisation to benefit from a truly data based decision and analysis model.  

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GDPR secure digital communication

A collaboration that aims to strengthen further the offers for collaboration services and digital workplaces, in order to meet the public sector's need for alternatives to American cloud services and Microsoft Teams.

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